Digging a Hole

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where Did I Go?

Oh, werd?
It happened again. Summer was fun, and I stopped going near computers. My email box filled up with emails from Facebook asking me where I went, but I didn't know this until recently because I wasn't checking my email either. Unfortunately for Kevin, this means I missed the flurry of PPP emails about how we had "way too many" tents. Oops. Sorry about sleeping in the car, Kevin!
But, alas, the cold, wet horribleness that is fall weather returns with a vengeance today.
Good bye reading the New York Times in the garden. So long plucking juicy orange sungold tomatoes from the vine, wrapping them in freshly picked basil leaves, and stuffing them in my mouth. See ya next year, outdoor beer garden at Jakes. Silent, until next Memorial Day, is Asbury Park's siren call to pink sand, pinball, and gay bars.

Fall is here. It's time to rip up the tomato vines and move back indoors for the winter.
As I don't have a laptop or a smart phone, indoors is where my internet lives. I wonder if it missed me...