Digging a Hole

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Convention = Good Craic

So, it's raining so I can't work on the new patio. I'm too busy making sure the fish don't commit little fishy suicide by jumping out of the rising pond water.
But when I am not defending the lives of the small and scaly, I am watching the Democratic National Convention. Not on C-SPAN (fookin' liberal machine!) (okay not really). Oh no. The DNC is waaaaaay more awesome to watch on FNC. Fox News offers stunning tidbits. My favorite sidenote of the other day's coverage: Why did Bill Gates make a sudden stocks move? Because he feared that a Kerry victory could mean he would lose the Bush tax break of course!
One thing Fox couldn't spin to its advantage yesterday, though, was Barack Obama's awesome speech. Is it too late to nominate *this* guy?
Word on the street is that Bush thinks he can challenge in the NJ. Fear not comrades. Fookin' NJ is ready to dump him on his arse.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

And you thought my title would become irrelevent...

I return to the world of blogging armed with a new project and renewed determination.
Actually, a bunch of new projects. But a blog about me learning the tin whistle would suck. It would be like, "Today I played a jig. It was REEL-y good. Get it? ... Aw feck it..."
So, I will stick with construction-related projects for at least a little while longer. After Ireland, I returned to find a giant pile of deck in the driveway. My dad "hired" me to saw it into 4 foot sections. And what is going where the deck was? A kick-ass patio! So cool! This time, not only have I been digging a hole, I will be FILLING a hole with awesome things like GraVeL and sAnd!! And then "tamping" it with a "tamper".
Stay tuned for  more awesomenessocity!
.....But wait! What happened to the other hole, you ask? Well, it has been filled with water and plants and the big arse fish that used to spin in a circle is now free to pursue his fishy dreams. Not like, suspicious fishy. Like, dreams that a fish would have. It's the American way!
To celebrate, we got him some new fishy pals..... that he promptly chased around the pond and tried to eat.... But we think they are all getting along swell now. =D
Pictures to follow when the rain here stops.