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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Teaching Vacation Bible School

So yeah, I'll come right out and admit it... I'm teaching kids about God.
I am working, this week, at my church's summer camp which actually provides a pretty damn cool service to the community. First of all, VBS is free. That's right. FREE! ("But wait!" scream several concerned Wesleyan or Wesleyan-like students, "It's only free because then you can suck in impressionable children and force them to believe in YOUR version of religion which is oppressive in several ways which I will list on this flyer!")
Actually, VBS is pretty neutral. Kids learn stuff like: helping, caring for the environment, and sharing (see? It's practically Communism!)
It's so cool, Bill O'Reilly should do an expose. Or like, the FBI should interview us about our political beliefs. =D
Anyhoo, I am learning marketable skills like... um.... getting glitter stains out of "MY BRAND NEW FUBU SHIRT! My mom's gonna kill me! Ooh, pass the blue glitter..."
And other things I'm sure.
Anyhoo, anyone want to play drums at the RNC? Werd. Bring it FBI.


At 12:33 AM, Blogger ertzeid said...

fuck yeah drums. or whistle. werd.


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